Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Welcome to Excellent Reviews!

In the fast paced world of internet marketing and e commerce, positive feedback and reviews are an essential aspect of success. Negative comments or simply no reviews at all can drastically harm your sales potential, while a good review can increase your sales exponentially! Just one review can make a huge difference and can literally mean the difference between success and failure. So why should you pay for a review when your customers are free to provide their own comments? The truth is that most people do not leave a review unless they were really happy or really upset with your product or service. In both these instances the reviews are highly biased and rarely offer true insight. A professional review is never biased and is always written to highlight specific information. Reviews posted from our team are never negative, but are always honest. Does this mean that we hand out five star reviews to everyone? No, we offer honesty and integrity in our service but we do not give a rating less than three stars. If our reviewers feel that your product does not meet at least a three star rating, no review will be posted and your purchase will be fully refunded. This allows us to guarantee that we never post negative or detrimental reviews and yet we are still able to maintain a high level of honesty. When you are purchasing a review from us you are simply asking us to try your product or service and offer a well written summary of our experience. We do strive to highlight the most positive aspects so that your customers can see what we liked the best. So now that you know who we are, you may be wondering what kind of reviews we offer. We do pretty much everything. We offer reviews for books, music, movies, social media, art, performing arts, youtube, websites, products and services and much more. In most cases a review is around five dollars or less plus the cost to purchase your items. If you provide your product or service at no cost to us, then only the fee for the review itself is charged. If we must make a purchase from you, then you will receive a portion of that cost back in terms of payments and/or royalties. Many customers select this secondary option in order to get a review posted on a specific website. For example and author with a book on Kindle, may have us purchase said book from Amazon in order to leave a verified purchase review, which holds the most weight for future customers. In that case the price of the review is $4.99 plus the purchase price of the ebook. The author then receives a royalty payment for the purchase, thus reclaiming a portion of their review costs. If you are interested in having any product or service reviewed please fill out a contact form to get a customized quote today!